What else can payroll do to facilitate employee engagement?


Research shows that engaged employees are still your company's best assets because, unlike unengaged employees, they're more productive and willing to put in discretionary effort. Wages and promotions alone don't drive engaged employees. Instead, they're more focused on helping the company achieve its goals.

So, how can payroll software help or hurt this level of engagement which is so beneficial to organisations? In this blog, we find out.

How efficient payroll software improves employee engagement and productivity

Employee engagement is built on the basics. When employees have what they need to do their job, understand what's expected of them, and feel that management has their best interests in mind, employee engagement can grow. In stark contrast, unengaged employees feel that their contribution isn't valued and as a result, they don't enjoy being at work. 

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A growing number of companies are beginning to recognise that payroll has the potential to either improve or destroy employee engagement. Being paid fairly, correctly and on time is a legitimate expectation of any employee, after all. When organisations fail to deliver on this, employees are likely to lose trust in their employer. Trust is a major building block of engagement so understandably, payroll failures can quickly undermine the efforts of other employee engagement initiatives in an organisation. Payroll failures often arise from the use of inefficient payroll software.

Why choosing efficient payroll software is important

The right payroll software can improve employees’ engagement in their work, and their resulting productivity. Other than getting calculations right and paying employees on time and correctly, transparency and streamlined processes can be a major factor in happiness. 

Employers should be automating the collection of wage information and checking processes to let employees and managers focus on doing great work instead of worrying about getting their payroll tasks done efficiently. Manual entries should be a thing of the past because these can lead to mistakes, plus it's time-consuming.

Smart payroll software also empowers employees. Not only can they submit their time sheets and leave requests easily, but they should also be able to update personal information and receive paperless payslips. When employees make enquiries about payroll calculations, their earnings and their leave, they should be able to access and manage this information easily on a portal or app. This frees up crucial time for the payroll team and data can be corrected or updated quicker by the employee.

Modern, well-designed payroll systems should help facilitate the collection of timesheet and leave requests, and make approval processes easy for managers. Removing paperwork and data re-entry is key to improving efficiency and in turn, productivity.  

In short, employees will be happier because their pay is in 'good hands'. Reimbursement for their commitment to work is rewarded without any fuss or inaccuracies. The way it should be!

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Why Datacom Payroll?

Datacom Payroll understands the impact that payroll has on an organisation's wellbeing. For this reason, we design our software around the development of employee engagement. For more information, download our eBook and contact the team for more information. 

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