The Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor

Consistent absenteeism not only creates stress amongst workers and management alike, it also impacts the company’s bottom line. It's important that organisations measure the effect that disruptions caused by absenteeism have on a department. This information can be shared with the board as a way to improve workloads overall. But how can this be done?

In this blog, we discuss how these can be quantified and reported to the board effectively.

Short, frequent and unplanned absences are very disruptive to the workplace and can have a significant impact on productivity. The disruption caused by such absenteeism can easily go unnoticed in a large organisation, especially where teams are managed by relatively junior managers who may struggle to deal with the issues involved. An HR department can add significant value to an organisation in such circumstances by monitoring for such absenteeism and then providing timely support to team leaders, thereby improving the organisation’s productivity.

In the 1980’s, Bradford University undertook research into absenteeism and its connection to workplace productivity. This research eventually led to the development of the “Bradford Factor”, which provides a score for each employee, indicating the level of absenteeism over the preceding period. The Bradford Factor score can be calculated from the number of absences and the total days absent during the preceding year as follows: B= N2 X D


B is the Bradford Factor score

N is the number of absences over the past year

D is the total number of days absent

Conveniently, the data you need for the Bradford Factor score calculation exists within your payroll system. That makes it relatively straight forward to produce a report from DataPay that will allow you to monitor absenteeism. The information can then be used to trigger an investigation into high scores and any subsequent action. However, to really optimise this data and produce an accurate report for the board, we recommend that you employ the services of an expert payroll services provider like DataPay.

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