The Council of Trade Unions (CTU) recently released information it sought from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) on the companies that have been reviewed for Holidays Act compliance which has been reported in the media over the last couple of days.

The results of this information are not new and simply highlight the ongoing struggle that both employers and payroll providers are having with meeting the complexities of the Holidays Act. 

As previously noted in other articles on this issue (here and here), the Holidays Act is a complex piece of legislation that contains multiple calculations and relies on judgement, interpretation and ongoing maintenance in order to achieve compliance.

Datacom continues to work hard to ensure our clients are informed on any changes relating to the Holidays Act.  In this case however there is no new information, but we trust the following Q&A is useful.     

Questions & Answers

Q:  Is Datacom Payroll software compliant?

A:  Yes. But as in all systems it is dependent on correct configuration and ongoing maintenance.

Q: I notice that Datacom was identified in the media reports as one of the employers reviewed.  Should that concern us?

A: No. We, Datacom in cooperation with MBIE instigated a project to rectify historical errors in the rate we paid some employees. We implemented the recommendations suggested and all issues were resolved last September.

Q:  Do I need to be concerned about my payroll?

A: All payroll practitioners should be regularly reviewing their work force looking for changes in employee’ work patterns and circumstances as part of their regular operations and feeding this information back into their payroll systems.  If you have been doing this then there is no cause for alarm but stay vigilant.  

Q: What has Datacom done about this issue?

A: Datacom has been working through the complexities of the Holidays Act with MBIE for many months.  We are involved in multiple working groups with MBIE to help establish clearer guidance and definitions of compliance that employers will find useful.  Our products also contain useful tools and reports to help monitor for change. 

Q: Who should I ask for help if I need it?

For EasiPay customers, please make contact with your EasiPay consultant in the first instance. 

For DataPay customers, please contact the DataPay service desk. 

Both groups can be contacted on 0800 856 856 or email

For NetPay customers, please make contact with the NetPay help desk on 0800 111 414 or email